Current Projects:

Washington Elementary

Little Italy

Completed in November of 2010, the maiden garden at Washington Elementary in Little Italy includes outdoor worktables, composting and worm bins, and over 1000sf of vegetable and herb gardens. Visit our website for more information.

Matthew Sherman Elementary

Sherman Heights

Our second project at Matthew Sherman Elementary is much more ambitious in scope. Thanks to the generosity of the San Diego Port Authority and Dole, who is donating a used shipping container, as well as Kevin deFreitas Architects and SC Engineers, donating their efforts and expertise, we will be able to build an outdoor classroom and kitchen on unused land to complement over 2000sf of gardens. Visit our website for further information!

Rebuild Global


We can always use more help of any kind. If you’ve got a green thumb, are handy with a blowtorch, can contribute some sweat or materials or just want to drop a few dimes for the cause, please click on the picture to get in contact with us.