Thank You CCSE!

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A big thank you to the CCSE for letting us host a panel discussion on the recent activities of urban agriculture in San Diego County. Robin Rivet gave a thorough explanation of urban forestry. She touched on the basics of pruning and propagation, as well as, how to pick a healthy tree. She has been working on a project that is surveying all the vegetation canopy in San Diego. You can check out the map on and even register your own trees on your property. She will also be hosting a workshop on March 1, about the tree mapping project which will go into more depth about the benefits of trees in an urban environment.

Judy Jacoby informed the crowd of the many community opportunities taking place in San Diego. Since the new amendments to urban agriculture policies were passed a few weeks ago, many communities have jumped on creating gardens. Judy has formed the San Diego Community Garden Network where she has compiled a group of individuals that have been working in one way or another toward the advancement of urban agriculture projects in San Diego. Some folks are experienced with grant writing, others are master gardeners, and others are experienced in community organizing. The website offers all the information you need about existing projects, upcoming projects, meetings and the new policy updates. The overall hope is to create a network where people can share resources and skills, since so many folks are working for the towards the same goals. Check it out

Thank you California Center for Sustainable Energy. You have a great facility and really great workshops on the calendar. It was a pleasure to work with you.