Washington Elementary is dripping!

Posted by admin on January 17, 2012  |   No Comments »

We have successfully installed drip irrigation in the school garden of Washington Elementary.

Drip irrigation will help with watering consistently, evenly and only at the roots where the plants need it most. Drip allows for deep watering, and does not waste water by spraying it into the air. It is efficient and inexpensive. We bought our materials from DripWorks. They are very helpful in answering any questions and their prices are extremely affordable. DripWorks also offers a free drip irrigation design which shows you exactly what you need to fit your garden needs.

If you’re in the area, take a peak at Washington Elementary’s garden. The students are doing a great job with weeding, seeding and harvesting. They have lots of yummy lettuces, herbs, peas broccoli and cauliflower growing. There are even a couple of bell peppers hanging on from the summer!

We look forward to watching the Washington Elementary garden grow and see what the children create in the process.